The Universal Life Force Energy channeled through Reiki can be used to heal all things.  Animals love Reiki Energy Healing.  Our practitioners enjoy working with the animals. 

Animals are very in tune with life force energy.  Perhaps you have noticed an animal coming to your side when you need energy or curling up on your lap when they need yours.  Even sensing something is changing in the energy like a storm coming.  One of the great things about working with Animals is they will take as much Reiki as they need and how they want it.  They will come as close as they want and leave when they are finished.  With Reiki Animal Healings, we can not predict how long a session may last or what will happen.  The animal will direct it.  We generally say a session is about 1/2 hour.  Often times an animal may spend some time building a relationship with the practitioner before surrendering to the healing.  Distant Reiki can be used if they animal can not be transported. 

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