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Harmony Circle  4th Wednesday @ REHC begins at 6:30 p.m.

Harmony Circle gatherings are free, the experience itself is priceless, and you and your 'sisters' meeting Soul to Soul is invaluable…

Harmony Circles train women to maximize oxytocin - a natural hormone that, once released, evokes feelings of bonding and trust, reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of calmness and security.

During the Harmony Circle, you will practice bonding techniques in a tranquil sanctuary of connection, becoming more relaxed, receptive, expansive and naturally beautiful!

Come gather with us and know that you are not alone on your journey at this time.

Connect and Transform!

The BraveHeart Global Community is growing and expanding, and we are rippling one petal at a time in communities worldwide. Boise is one of them!

Our lovely Braveheart sister MeeshaKeena Keely is hosting this event every FOURTH Wednesday @ 6:30p.m.  YAY!

This is a FREE event and no woman will be turned away, AND we want honor MesshaKeena and the space she provides so we will have an offering bowl. It's voluntary and if you choose to give, please give at any amount your heart feels called to give to REHC.


Here is our YOUTUBE video about our Harmony Circle and why we love it!

Boise BraveHeart Women RIPPLE   meet on the 11th of the month

.All women are welcome to this first BraveHeart Women Global Ripple

gathering on the 11th of each month.

Yes, Ripples are being held around the world on the same day.

It'll be a wonderful energy of rippling...

The local BraveHeart Women Ripples are a catalyst in a global shift of the over-giving mindset of women to the over-flowing lifestyle. It’s not just another event added to the list that women choose from…. it’s a lifestyle that is expanding and rippling around the globe.

It’s a woman knowing that ‘one’ day of the month is hers to receive regardless of the circumstance and the challenges of her path and no matter what else she has going on in her life, that ‘one’ day of the month is about her commitment to her highest self and will be the space in which a woman gets to 'dive into the ripple' of ease, Oxytocin, receiving, essence, resonance, thriving and purpose where we fully blossom as a woman.

Join us on the 11th of every month as we RISE above the density of the mind and feel the potency and vibrancy of this new imprint. hahhhhhhhhh

We will have 3 wonderful gifts to be drawn for you to win!

A lite heathy fare of yummyness will be served after the event to Connect More!

A request for contribution will be mentioned to support us cultivate, grow and ripple the Vision of BraveHeart women in our community... yet give only from overflow, joy and ease.


Here is feedback from our January 2016 retreat