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Everything is energy and energy can become blocked, stagnate, static, and down right uncomfortable to be in.  In a dwelling space you have the energy of those who live or work there effecting the flow.  Energy from previous occupants may also be lingering.  For a healthy and happy space it is important to clear and reset the intention of your energy often.  

Events you should consider a clearing for:

Moving into a new space
Clearing out the old energy and inviting energy you would like in your space.  Think of it as a fresh coat of paint in your favorite color.  

Getting ready to sell or move
Clearing your energy from your space allows others looking to move in room for their energy.  Space to see their dreams in the home or office.  And setting the intention for just the right "buyer" or "renter" will bring you peace of mind.

Birth of a child
Bringing a new soul into your dwelling space is exciting!  Clearing and blessing your home will let the little know you are excited for their arrival.  It can also calm excited nerves of family members and pets.

When a person passes from this world their energy pattern is left behind in places they frequented.  Clearing their energy can bring healing for them and you.  We also have staff that can talk to them and help them find the way to the light if that is something you are looking for.  

Is often caused by a disruption of a pattern.  (ie stress or trauma) Clearing your space can help take the 'charge' of stress out of your home to help you rest better.   Including a full Reiki Session would be recommended as well.

End of a relationship
Not only should we clear out the ex's belongs but energy as well.  They slept in the bed, they ate in the kitchen, lounged in the living room, their energy is left behind.  Clearing it will help you move on.  Also recommended is a cord cutting healing.  This will help you on the physical, emotional, and mental healing.  

New relationship/room mate 
Moving in can be a great new adventure.  Making the space energetically welcoming for all involved can aid in this transition.  Set your intention for the space and new relationship.

Corporate Downsizing
When corporations go through downsizing it is traumatic for the employees and employer.  Tension, Anger, Sadness, Confusion are all part of this transition.  A clearing can help this energy move on so employees who are continuing with the company can flow through the transition as easily as possible.   

When illness is in our home or workplace it will bring the vibration down.  Sprucing up your dwelling after illness will help your family or employees focus on health and happiness.  

We can also teach you how to clear your space to keep it fresh on a regular basis as well as your own energy.  

Hauntings - sometimes spirits will linger in a dwelling and make life uncomfortable or the dwelling feel cramped.  We can help you with those too!

Clearings are $100 for an one hour session. 

Most clearings are done in an hour. If a clearing needs more attention we will let you know and can work with you to get your dwelling ship shape.  

Realtors and those wanting clearings on a regular basis can get a corporate discount.  

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