What is a Life Coach or Life Mentoring?

Coaches/Mentor are someone who, not only sees your true potential, but will help you accomplish your truth.  They will encourage and challenge you to reach your potential and to attain your dreams! Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a coach and a client. It is designed to tap into the life you were meant to live and begin living it.


Our Life Coaches/Mentor have the ability to view things from afar - in what some call 'Eagle vision' - to take a difficult situation and show you new solutions.  With their skill they can motivate you, sharpen your skills, listen to your ideas and offer positive feedback to further you on your journey. Our Coaches are living their dreams and so should you!


Are you ready for a Life Coach?

Do any of the follow questions flow through your mind:

Are you happy and fulfilled in your present life?
What do you dream about? What do you see for yourself in your imagination when you are "day dreaming"? If all the reasons "why not" were taken away, and you had the remote control for your life, what channel would you turn to?
What lies dormant inside you waiting to be set free?
Are you "stuck" in a job that limits your creativity, income, or sense of satisfaction?
How is your relationship with yourself?
Do you like who you are, and who you see in the mirror?
Have you wished at times someone would guide you toward a more successful life?

If you were suddenly dropped onto a planet and were told you could have and do anything, and I mean ANYTHING your heart desires, what would it be? It is never too late to have what you want and deserve.


The package

Initial 90 minute consultation/planning session (In person or phone)

Weekly 30 minute phone consult

Email Support

Hand outs and planning tools

Final one hour wrap up session (in person or phone)

8 week Kick Start your Dreams  -  $295 (105 savings)

Custom packages upon request.  Call today for your free 15 minute consult!

It's never too late or ever too old to have the life you were meant to live!

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