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Creative Spirit

Continuing Mini-Workshops

with Artist Lisa Allen


"Creativity Brings Change"

In these mini-workshops  discover your Creative Spirit.

Inspire your Soul to Soar

Invite your Inner Child to Play

Open your Heart to Love yourself


June focus is Soul Coloring.

                Soulful Music leads you into expressing yourself through Artful  Doodles.  Doodle art is flexible. It has no boundaries, you simply follow your heart and fill the pages with whatever pleases you. You can doodle while your mind reaches a meditative state. You can relax while letting your creative side express itself. Doodle art has since been a way for artists to express their creativity all while relaxing. In fact, many artists use Doodle art as a creative method to harness their power to focus without it feeling tedious.

                Supplies will be provided. 

Contact Lisa Allen @ 406.600.8992

Tuition is Sliding Scale $15 - 25.

July's  and August Focus

Beginning the process of creating your own Oracle Card Tutorial

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