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Hours by Appointment:

4948 Kootenai, SUITE 102, Boise ID

208-353-0604   contact@reikiehc.com

Sweat lodges, Men's Circles, Firewalks and more.

Elk Shaman Wytomi @ 208-867-2380 offers sweat lodges, firewalks and co-ed lodges

Lance  208.871.5569 and RichHeart  208.789.7157 for Men's sweat lodge Held mostly on 4th Saturday at 10 am.  RSVP are required.  Lodge is in East Boise.

Chewantima and Wytomi are offering Men's Sweat lodges on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Come release your burdens and claim your power as a man. We will go into the lodge at 10am. Please try to be there by 930 am. Address is 10869 W Parker Ave. Please bring a bundle of wood and any donations of money to support the upkeep of the lodge! Hope to see you there.   RSVP or questions: 867-9838.

Brothers of the Sun

This group exists to help us converse and contemplate Mukanda Dawe's teachings and to stimulate our exploration of the Divine Masculine.

Meet for lodging on the First Saturday of the Month and Teachings on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Contact Ta E Tay for more information: 208.392.4702 or mashetah@gmail.com

Men's Metta

We remember we are born from the Mother. We are grateful for the gift of life. We find the courage to take the Sacred Vow to transform the needy boy into the True Man

We shall have time alone to rest and be with the natural world in order to reclaim our untamed nature

We shall understand how to respect ourselves and in honor act with respect for others and be loyal to their lives

Men shall have a place to belong and contribute to all life on Earth

We expect of ourselves to rise to and act from our noble nature. We inspire and foster this potential in our sons, brothers, fathers and grandfathers.

A Whole Holy Man knows Woman as a blessing and shines without reservation or expectation as the Sun upon the Earth

We choose to take the heroic journey. We allow the changes to occur that are required and celebrate the adventure that comes