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Keenata  2014/2015

Moon Dancer

A group of dedicated women who dance under the moon, creating energy  consciously for change.

For over a year we have been working with the energy of the Women's Metta.

As Women, we declare and vow that shall learn to accept ourselves and respect our sisters.

That we shall come to see the sacredness in ourselves and each other throughout life.

That every Woman shall know and live our gender imperative of nurturing, protecting and honoring all life as precious.

That we shall learn to live from the heart and act from the belly.

That we shall come to understand that we can only flourish in unity with our sisters.

Together we declare and vow, that the wisdom light of Maha Ama, and the earth magic of Maha Chechewan shall shine in the world for all to see.


This process began in the spring of 2014.  In the  process of Keenata and dancing this truth into life, we had been asked to make sacrifices from our own lives to help embody this metta in ourselves. 

In one of our times to laying down what stood in our way of fully embodying this energy in my life.  I gave away Jacqueline, a name chosen by my mother, named after the historic Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis.  Throughout my life I was referred to by that name.  When I married John Kennedy, I felt a sense of accomplishment, even destiny that I was now indeed, Jacqueline Kennedy.  When we divorced I kept the last name, feeling that it was an identity I worked hard to create in the community and even birthright.  Many years ago in a shamanic questing process, I was given my true name; MeeshaKeena Keely, because if the attachment to the Jacqueline Kennedy, I would only use it in ceremony.  After letting go of Jacqueline, I assumed I would take up my true name.  My teacher asked me if I would walk a year with no name.  In legal and business matter I could use my legal name, for those closer to me I explained the process.  I was called many different things, as it seems there is an attachment to naming.  People felt called to call me energies they saw in me.  This was an exercise in acceptance for me and the sacredness others saw in me.  I was called; Sparkle, Joy, Love, Auntie Lope ( a reference to my clan), Grandma No Name, Sister No Name, Nameless Spark of Maha Ama.  Some of those around me embraced my journey and for some it was confusing.  Practicing non-attachment to what people called me was interesting.  It seemed like more people called me Jackie, which is a pet peeve of mine and I would breathe and let it go.  Or notice how it ran along my consciousness like nails on a chalkboard. 

In May, 2015, my teacher called me MeeshaKeena.  I am very honored to carry on this name that means precious one, precious daughter.  Keely is a connection to my Shamanic work as Antelope Shaman.

When I began this journey as Keenata, I had a dream about cutting off my hair and giving away my clothes.  I took this dream to my teacher, she told me that such extreme sacrifices weren't required.  I did feel an exhale, because there is an attachment to those things for me.  The dream remained in my heart and when I was holding a vision quest, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that sacrificing my red hair was a gift I wanted to give myself to find my sacredness and an example of true beauty for all women.  Again the practice of nonattachment.  I did have an attachment to that red hair, even after the letting go of the name, people referred to me as 'red'.  I knew there was more to me than my hair, and so many of us are connected to our hair.  It is also one of the most powerful energies we have of ourselves to offer.  The power of women's hair has made history.  I knew this was a gift I had to give.  In the woods, on a huge tree stump, I sat with a bowl and sewing scissors. The first cut I was a little nervous, then the locks flowed my head, bringing a sense of freedom.  After the initial cut, I began to create prayer ties with the hair and Women's Metta.  I was going to make 1001 and about half way I realized that the hair was running out quickly.  I had left about 2 inches of hair so there would be enough to even it all out when I saw my stylist.  I knew I had to cut more off and continued to cut until I tied all 1001.  For those who saw the initial cut, there wasn't much of a reaction.  I had, had concerns of what I might look like with such short hair.  My hair had been this short once in the 80's when my brother put gum in my hair and I had to get it cut off.  I then adopted the 'punk' look.  When I went to see Andrew with my hair cut, he thought I had done a great job cutting it.  He said there was a lot he could do with it, making it this cut look or that one.  He soon picked up on what I was feeling about the sacrifice and said, "We need to buzz it, don't we?"  I hesitated and said, "Yes."  He came back with the clippers and a number 3 guard.  Which I had  NO IDEA how short that was.  It's less than a half an inch.  I watched in the mirror as he took the first swipe to the right of the middle.  "Who would find me attractive now?" was my first thought.  There was no going back, only forward.  Vulnerability.  That is what I felt.  No hair to cover, hide or shield.  I was very much concerned about what others would think.  A lot of people were concerned with my health.  Was I sick and going through chemotherapy.  It did lend to conversations about the why and the Women's Metta.  People wanted to touch my hair, pet it.  The roundness of my head was often a topic of conversation.  I received comments such as, "If I had such a great head, I might do it too."  or "If I looked that good."  So there was still that energy about LOOKS, which was one of the reasons to get rid of the hair.  I also received a lot of comments from women about being bold and brave, beautiful and courageous, inspiring and trendy.  I noticed how many other women wore their hair so short.  There was a deep sense of connection with them, a knowing from our bellies about beauty, without a single word being said. 

I've kept my hair at about an inch this past year and saved what has been cut off for a final round of prayer ties.  Today is my final hair cut.  This time all the hair will be removed.  I'm a little nervous about this one.  Pure vulnerability.  Very interesting contemplations.     Also having completed my journey, what will I do with my hair after our dance.  Most are encouraging me to keep it short and grey.  And maybe I will.  What I do know, is that beauty is an energy that is created by acceptance of ourselves and the love we have for ourselves and all life.  Hair, clothes, make up can be an expression of how we feel about life.  They also can be a mask, a disguise, a way to 'fit' in to the norm.  What I ask of you, is to create an awareness in yourself, know the "WHY" you do what you do.  Get "Raw" with yourself, light and shadow.   Let the world see how beautiful you are so we can all learn to accept ourselves just the way we are.  The message is out there waiting for you to pick it up, embrace it and live it.  In the words of Eminem; "But don't let 'em say you ain't beautiful oh, They can all get fucked. Just stay true to you "

 Sometimes a little attitude can go a long way!!!!  Is it time for an attitude adjustment?  I've had my share this year and look forward to the many others yet to come.

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