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Metta Sisterhood

“Women uniting to create a better world in which true sisterhood can flourish” 

It begins with us, an internal rewiring of our beliefs, programming and dogma.  Coming into a space where we come to accept ourselves as precious daughters of the Great Mother.  We are worthy, beautiful and each have gifts to offer our world.  How we treat ourselves resonates out to the sisterhood and how we treat other women, our children and our men.  It’s past time for a change, let’s do something about it.  Let us join in the momentum of other women to embrace our duty to life.

The Metta Sisterhood is about organizing women to celebrate, pray, sing, and create a new consciousness of sisterhood for all women.

Our focus is to help women create a new consciousness for ourselves so that we can truly have a sisterhood because we understand who we really are.
Women in unity can change the way the world views women- and free us from 3,000 years of enslavement and stereotyping among ourselves and within the culture as a whole.

And yes- if we begin to unify we can take an equal and rightful place in the world because we will believe in our power and our right to do this.

The Women’s Metta

We declare and vow That we shall learn to accept and respect ourselves and our sisters.

We know our sacredness as the daughters of the Earth.

May we proudly live our gender imperative of- Nurturing, Protecting, and Honoring all life as precious.

May we learn to live from the heart and act from the belly of Divine Mother.

May we understand we can only flourish in unity with our sisters.

Together, we declare and vow that the wisdom light, the earth-magic, and the healing grace of Divine Mother shall shine, through us, for all the world to see.

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How you can get involved:

Say the Metta each day

Share the Women’s Metta with your circle of friends, family and social media

Create a circle to share the Women’s Metta

Create Sacred Ceremony to send the Metta to the World

Sing the Metta Sister Songs/Dance

Hold discussions on what the Metta means to you and how you can put it into action

Explore old beliefs and how this new paradigm can replace them

Hold Full and/or New Moon Ceremonies

Contact MeeshaKeena for details on how to join the Keenata or Bowl Circle  208.353.0604