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Metta is the practice of Friendliness, Loving
Kindness, & Compassion. This year the Children add
their Metta of our celebration of kindheartedness for each
other and our world. We are calling our young artists to
create an expression of the Children’s Metta.  Their art
will be on display at The Shangri-la Tea house from
February 15th until March 20th.  On March 21st, 2015,
the World Day of Metta the art will be for sale.
W hat is Kid’s Metta Art? It is artwork created by
children depicting their vision of some facet of the Metta.
Because all children are the seeds of hope for the future of
our world, we value the purity of heart that shines out
from their pictures. Let them inspire us to create a world
where the Metta is the truth that guides us.
May Children have lots of hugs & kisses
so they know they are loved.
May all children be safe from harm, have good food,
and a secure home.
May children protect their little brothers & sisters
and be kind to them.
May child May children allow other children to join in
and not be mean to each other.
May children be able to play, have fun,
and be outside in nature.
May adults listen to children; so they can understand
and nurture the beauty of their potential and abilities.
May all children remember they are Spirit Beings May all child
with the power to make things better for others
through their prayers.