All Children and OUR Children!

The Reiki Energy Healing Center is dedicated to improving the lives of those we touch.  It has been our pleasure to be serving the Treasure Valley and beyond for over a decade. 

We have created a fund to help local children in need.  So many needs cannot be met by our state and federal agencies, it's time for us to help each other.  All Children are Our Children helps families in crisis who fall through the cracks, who cannot qualify for assistance or just need a hand up in life.  

We care about our community and this is how we give back. 

We are involved in:
Head Start
Fundraiser for a Mother who's baby died at birth and wanted to have a memorial for him.  (Baby Jaxsen)
Garfield Elementary
Race for Diabetes
Race for the Cure
Zoo Boise
World Day of Metta
Sage School
Junior Achievement 
We've also granted many scholarships for those who took our classes and workshops and created more ways for our children to be involved. Nature Walkers, Daughters of the Moon, Reiki for Kids. 

Watch our calendar for fundraising events throughout the Treasure Valley or contact Jacqueline @ 208.353.0604 or to find out how you can help.

Here is our Christmas Story
by Jacqueline

The Spirit of Christmas 2014

This year I wanted to experience something different, something closer to the ‘original’ celebration of this time of year.   Earlier in the month I found myself talking a lot of St. Nick.   Growing up we had a visit from St. Nick on Dec 5th.  This is when our stockings were filled with treats and oranges.  I still didn’t know much about the guy, but like most children, I enjoyed the candy.  What I do know now is a Saint has the goodwill of world in their heart.  Their imperative is to do what they can to bring peace, love and joy to all life.  How could I be more like this? 

What about Santa Claus? The great spreader of joy for all children, holder of ‘magic’ and eater of many cookies.  Channeling his Spirit we can all be Santa.  We believe when we are small, then we figure out it’s our parents and feel deflated in our excitement of Christmas.  When we each can truly hold the essence of Santa and giving in our heart and be the expression of love. 

Then there is the addition of Christ being born this time of year.  The energy of Christ  – a great healer, lover of all people, preacher of peace, love and joy.  He encouraged everyone to be like him.  He shared his love all year round.  He turned a tragic ending of his life into a great sacrifice. 

Challenging myself and others to open to the energies of these beings of Love, Joy and Peace, to be the Light in the World and share the gifts of Abundant Enthusiastic Life with others, we set about to be of service.

The Reiki Energy Healing Center decided we would sponsor a family for Christmas.  We extended the invitation to our community to join us in creating a special Christmas for this family.  In no time we were able to get the family great gifts and a nice dinner.  Another family came to our attention, asking only for food for Christmas dinner and if we could, small gifts for the granddaughters.  The magic is starting to bubble and brew now.  Money is being donated, food is dropped off, we learned about the Idaho Food Bank and that they will give anyone food.  I knew nothing about this family other than what I told you.  So I didn’t have any info to give the food bank, I left with Turkey dinner.  NO ONE is turned away.  This is a resource I didn’t know about.   Sharing this information, many others went to the Food Bank and were able to have food for the holidays. (The Idaho Food Bank was open until 5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve – THANK YOU).  On Christmas Eve the Magic really flowed.  I was thinking we were about done gathering and sharing, but NO…. not yet.   I’m at Dr. Higginbotham’s office (they are working a half day).  I’m telling them about our families and how wonderful our community is with their giving.  One of the gals behind the desk perks up and tells me she hadn’t had time to donate her toys for tots and would I get them to someone…  OF COURSE.  In her bag is Barbie and legos, just what the Grandma said her grandkids would like.  I’m stunned.  MAGIC, right….oh wait it gets better. I get another facebook message about a young woman with three girls, her life just exploded.  Can I help? I said I would see what I can do.  Standing in the waiting room messaging her, Doc’s client comes out and we engage.  I still don’t remember how we started talking but she asks if she can help…. OF COURSE.  I tell her the ages of the girls and she’s off to shop.  BAM, just like that.  Not even five minutes from the request to it being filled.  My appointment is magical as well.  I was starting to get my annual strep/pneumonia, it happens every year and I just power through it.  I tell Doc, I’d like to break this pattern.  I know I can keep going, I’ve proven that, now let’s break this cycle.  The sore throat gone, the congestion gone.  Our physical body is only part of who we are.  Illness can be mental and emotional as well.  When our WHOLE BEING is treated we can truly heal.  And I got an awesome neck adjustment. 

So off I go.  Back to shopping and the Food Bank.  I’m at the Food Bank, I get a call – another gift certificate sold.  (We’re donating the money this Christmas project).   While dropping off to one of our families, someone is dropping off a ham dinner at the Reiki Center.  The energy is just flowing and coming together.   After the last delivery for the day, it’s starting to snow.  I was to go to a friend’s for food and cheer and I feel it’s time to get on the road going home instead.  The road is a mess.  The crews are out deicing the road and traffic is backed up.  As we are in this slow going line of traffic, I’m grateful to be safely in this line of cars so I wouldn’t be driving faster than I should.  On our dirt road I catch up to my neighbor, we say Merry Christmas and hug.  She is blazing the trail ahead of me, and I’m grateful since I don’t have my snow tires yet.  Our road has a tricky corner and the car slips off the road and I’m stuck.  Not long after getting stuck, there is a headlamp coming around the corner.  She had waited to see if I made it and came to check on me.  We tried a few things and decided to leave it for morning.  I went to back the car off the road and kept backing up until somehow my car was now facing DOWN the hill.  Now her husband has joined us because she didn’t make it home.  This is so heartwarming to have people sharing love and caring.  We decide that the car should stay at the bottom of the hill for the night and I walk home.  It’s dark and beautifully white with snow.  In no time I find myself at my house and call my neighbors to let them know I made it.  Then, I had sweet mountain sleep.  In the morning, I’m wondering about getting out, we have more giving to do.  I grab what I need and walk down the hill to my car and lo and behold is another neighbor plowing the road.  We share some hugs and love and he plows right in front of the car so I have no problem getting out.

 Back in Boise we start creating the gifts for our RACKed ambush. (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness).  We’re making homemade turkey noodle soup and hot chocolate in thermoses to give out under the Bridge (where a large homeless community lives).  We also made holiday joy cups with fudge and hot chocolate mix, we took to the VA.  The ham is in the oven, getting the turkey ready.  More help shows up.  We go out to give our treats away, come back finish the meal and make plates to deliver to those not able to have Christmas dinner.  We have dinner ourselves and as the day is unwinding, my grandkids show up.  They open their presents, eat and Isaac spends the next few days with me.  My Christmas wish has come true too!

Thank you to each and every one of you that embraced your Spirit of Christmas.  This is how we will bring healing to our world.  One (or even many) Miracles of Love at a time. Let them happen! 

May all beings have fresh clean air to breathe

May all beings have fresh clean water to drink

May all beings have food to eat

May all beings have a home

May all beings have someone to share love with

May all beings know their true purpose

May all being be well and happy

May all beings be free from suffering

I will do what I can to make this so.

May Christmas Spirit be with you EVERYDAY!

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