After giving a presentation on Reiki to several classes at Melba High School, I realized what a wonderful gift it would be for Teachers to take Reiki I.     The visit to the high school inspired me to create a special class for our Teachers, one that would benefit them and in turn, the students.    The course provides many ways to improve personal well-being by becoming aware of one's personal energy and how it is effected by others.

Here it is:



Relax ~Rejuvenate~ Restore

Learn Techniques to improve you energy levels, patience, and over-all health.  The Reiki for Teachers class includes traditional Reiki I class, plus more meditation, energy balancing time, and an abundance of practice. 

March 29th from 10 - 6pm

Tuition is ONLY $99. (reg. $225)


Reiki I is the first step to taking charge of your own well-being.  Reiki I  focuses on our personal energy and how it is effected from day to day stress.  In a classroom with many students, parents and co-workers flowing in and out, our energy is constantly changing to meet the needs of others.  Reiki I will assist you in keeping your energy in balance, teach you daily practices to enrich your health, and how to share Reiki with others.

The time to take care of yourself is NOW!

“Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around.” ~ Helen Peters

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