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Reiki Classes

Our Tuition is Lifetime.  Which means once you pay full price for your tuition you can take the over and over to refresh your learning.  Every class brings a new awareness and we encourage our students to immerse themselves in the Reiki as much as they desire.

Reiki improves your overall wellness, it never depletes your own energy, and with each treatment you give, you fill yourself. It is a win-win. Reiki is very simple to learn and is easily integrated into other wellness modalities. 

The REHC is here to support you on your journey of healing and being a healer. We are a professionally established Wellness Center in the Treasure Valley and committed to a life of service and excellence. We understand and support your personal journey. 

Each class is taught with the students needs in mind and how Reiki can be easily integrated into their lives.  A Reiki Journey is personal and the length in which one chooses to study and heal between levels is best heard in the 'heart'.  You will know when it is best to move from Reiki I to Reiki II or further.  Trust yourself! It's the best place to begin!

Reiki I
Is the journey of learning about ones own energy and how to heal themselves. A healers first rule is

"HEALER HEAL THY SELF."  Learning self healing, mindfulness and daily disipline will root us firmly

on our healing path.
Some of the things will cover in class are:

  • Getting in touch with our vital energy. (chakras/auras)
  • Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Becoming aware of the energy of our body and the energy that is around us. 
  • How we are affected by energy and learn how we can be effective.
  • Learning the story of Reiki and Dr. Usui.
  • Learning how to give self treatments.
  • Learning how to give reiki treatments to others.
  • Reiki I Attunement
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Practice time on self

Tuition: $250. A $50 deposit is required when registering for this class.

Reiki II -  a minimum of 12 hours of class instruction
Moving deeper into the energy. Preparing to give treatments to others, perhaps as a practitioner. We focus here on other, how to work with a client in a professional manner. We also begin our journey on using Reiki symbols and how to heal "hands-off" whether that be across the room or across the world. 

This class includes instruction in the following: 

  • Three Reiki Symbols, including distance healing  
  • How to do distance healing
  • Deeper meditation
  • Reiki II Attunement
  • Connecting with my psychic self
  • Practice time
  • Certificate of Completion 

Tuition: $325 A $50 deposit is required when registering for this class.

Reiki  l  - The Healing begins with me

With myself I accept healing
for my Physical Self
                                           for my Emotional Self
                                                for my Spiritual Self
                                                     for my Mental Self

Healing begins with time for myself
                                                           Time to be quiet and still
                                                           to Listen to my Body
                                                                             to my Heart
                                                                                to my God
                                                                                    to quiet my Mind

My healing begins with my worthiness
                          To take the Time, Seek Help and Spend the Money to invest in myself as worthy

Healing begins with Love for Myself
to be gentle and tender to my own needs

Healing begins by stepping onto the path of my higher self
my path of true calling
                                                                                                      the reason I am alive

Healing begins with knowing my true source           

                                                                                         of Joy
                                                                                    of Love
                                                                                           of Peace

It is from this place that I can overflow to give away  ~   The healing begins with me