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At the Reiki Energy Healing Center we offer healing session by only our quality trained and driven Reiki Practitioners. Our Reiki Practitioners have been trained by our strict course curriculum and hold the highest integrity. A typical session is conducted at the REHC.  The client may choose from an one hour or an hour and a half session. Reiki healing may be integrated with other modalities if the the client wishes.

A brief intake of information is taken from the client and the client may ask questions. 

The client then lies on the healing table and is made comfortable. Hands are gently place on and around the body helping to facilitate the energy flow. The client may even relax into a state of sleep.

Reiki healing is begun with the practitioners intention for the clients highest good. The practitioner allows the Reiki energy to flow through their hands either hands on or above the body.  Once the client allows the Reiki to be received, the Reiki will begin to bring about relaxation and healing.  

Note: Most conditions have come about through time and will take time to heal the imbalance.  Though you may feel wonderful after one session, we strongly recommend following your practitioners guidance on your healing journey. For regular maintenance once a month is recommend.

Reiki is a very personal journey, each session just for you in that moment.  Session will differ each treatment to best heal what is happening for you now.  Most sessions will bring a deep relaxation and sense of radiance. The treatment works on all levels of conscious, subconscious, and unconscious.  The client may or may not be aware of release, healing or restoration as it is occurring. They may fall into a deep sleep or even feel like they are floating outside their bodies. After the session the client is fully awakened and returned to their body.

Session Prices with our Associates
Reiki One Hour Session                $65.00
Reiki One and half hour               $85.00
Reiki Breakthrough Package        $170.00  (3 sessions one hour sessions paid for at first session)

With Grand Reiki Master, MeeshaKeena  (Jacqueline Kennedy)
Reiki One Hour Session                $90.00
Reiki One and half hour               $110.00
Reiki Breakthrough Package        $245.00  (3 sessions one hour sessions paid for at first session)

What to know before a session 

  • Dress for comfort, think of taking a nap
  • Drink plenty of water before and after
  • Ask questions
  • Come with an open heart