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 Having been born in Council Idaho, raised in Eagle, and alumni of Boise State University, Shaun has always felt a deep Rocky Mountain spiritual connection. An innate affinity for all things flora and fauna, further fortified by her love of gardening, as well as a devoted affection for her two cats, Oscar and Grace provides plenty of entertainment for Shaun.

To be out outdoors, where, all is truly…quiet…and…still, taking in that peace and drawing an energetic boost from it, would qualify by far, as her strongest craving. Her husband Tim, her opposite in most everything, can attest to her constant need be in nature and is witness to Shaun’s radiant glow when she returns from the mountain.  Perhaps that is the source of Shaun’s ability to give great hugs.  

 Shaun’s call to Reiki recalls a low point in her life when, traveling weekly to the mid-west, working well away from her fortifying mountains and streams, her best friend, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Shaun’s friend was a warrior who, was ever open to all the universe had to offer with respect to healings and energies. Therefore, Shaun chose to commit to boosting her already present healing nature with Reiki techniques.

The ability to provide stress reductions and relaxation to realign her friend’s energies,whether physical or emotional, was a blessing for both Shaun and her friend.  The long distance of miles was not a barrier; without prompting, her friend could tell when Shaun had “worked on her” and was always grateful.

Shaun is sorry to say, that Reiki wasn’t a cure for her friend’s cancer. However, Reiki had fortified her friend’s courage, her immunities, as well as her heart and mind. And, by doing this for her friend, Shaun found, it did these things for herself as well. 

Shaun has been a Usui Reiki Master since 2014 having studied under Grandmaster MeeshaKeena Keely.  Shaun offers her skills as a healer to anyone who wishes to enhance the traditional roles of medical aid or who are open to learning how to heal themselves for a more peaceful and joyful lifestyle. Shaun volunteers with the Boise Reiki Energy Healing Centers Military Veteran’s Program because it is a small gift to be repaid to those that give so much to protect our country’s ideals

As Shaun’s abilities strengthen so did the extent of her clientele to include four legged critters.  The draw of the strong, free-spirited power of horses griped Shaun and placed her on a path of wonderment.  Many of her people clients ask about Reiki for their beloved pets and discover that animals love to receive Reiki.  Shaun freely volunteers Reiki services to The Idaho Humane Society’s rescue and adoption programs.  Expanding as well, is Shaun’s ongoing deep study of all the healing aspects associated with herbology.

Shaun says, always. “Good energy in, means good energy out.” She will provide a great hug just to be sure.

Book your Reiki session with Shaun at ShaunL@cableone.net. 

Idaho's leader in Reiki Relaxation - Serving clients and students for over 17 years

Shaun Loughney

Equestrian Reiki Master and Teacher

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