This will be a year of living like you were dying.

Is your life calling you for a change?  To find your true self?  What is standing in your way? 

We meet once a month for a full day as a group.  Our day will be spent exploring the Shamanic tools (such as the 7 nations, totem animals, ancestor connection) and how they relate to our day to day life.  Our year will include Sweat Lodges, Traveling to Sacred Places in our area and learning to be with the earth as our healer.  We will learn sacred ceremony and how to help the earth to heal.

When we are together, we will not have an END time.  We will allow ourselves to have an organic experience and dedicate this day to ourselves and the earth.  We will end our day with a meal, either potluck or eating out depending on where we are.

Our year will end with a 5 day Vision Quest.


Monthly is $125.00 includes a 1/2 hour personal mentoring session.

5 Day Vision Quest is $450

MeeshaKeena  208.353.0604

The Reiki Energy Healing Center Shamanic Training

 A beautiful path is calling to you to find your life's passion

Inside of us lives a shaman who knows

and understands that earth and all acts are sacred. They hold the wisdom of the connection between heaven and earth, and longs to express herself in the

creation of our lives.

Your time is now to explore this path, discovery the mystery and your own woman's magic.

Walk with your totem, tune into your angel, discover they healing of Mother Earth.

This cycle our sacred circle will ignite their passion of shamanic healing. Delving into the psyche of self, journeying to astral planes, sweat lodging, exploring sacred sites, and vision questing.

Soul Fire!
 is offered in Boise, Idaho lead by Shaman, MeehsaKeena, Antelope Medicine Women.  MeeshaKeena has studied Taoist Shamanism for over 15 years and continues to grow as a teacher and leader in the Treasure Valley Community.  She is fully initiated in the Clan of the Antelope whose specialty is Shamanic Healing.

Igniting the passion of your shaman self

Soul Fire!

‚ÄčIdaho's leader in Reiki Relaxation - Serving clients and students for over 17 years

Hours by Appointment:

4948 Kootenai, SUITE 102, Boise ID