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This page has been a long time coming.  We have come to humbly accept the praise our clients and students have shared with us.  Thank you!


Jacqueline Kennedy has a unique way of being.  When I came in for my appointment I was very skeptical of healing or anyone believing what I was experiencing.  In a few moments I was so comfortable I was sharing so much more than I was even aware was going on.  It felt like I finally met someone who understood me instead of thinking I was ready for the coo coo's nest.  I'm now well on my way to understanding and stepping into my true purpose.  Thank you so much for your big heart of compassion!
PJ  7/13 

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“The Reiki Energy Healing Center is the hub for Reiki training. I continually receive outstanding support and mentoring, they are just what you need when you are looking to learn everything about Reiki. They truly are the leader in the Treasure Valley in Reiki Training.” 

September 13, 2012  Colleen Fletcher, Holistic Boutique

“Jacqueline is a compassionate woman of exceptional knowledge with a fire in her heart and a gentle and healing touch. I highly recommend a healing session with Jacqueline.” 

January 30, 2012   Lisa Martin Naimi

Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Jacqueline is a wonderful practitioner and teacher of Reiki, I believe that she is one of the best that I have met. I have personally taken Reiki I, Reiki II, and Usui & Karuna Reiki Master classes from Jacqueline. I highly recommend her for a treatment, lodge, or a class. With the addition of Prana Rain Therapy to a session, it is the ultimate feel healed spa-day.” 

June 18, 2010 Teressa Burke Ellot

Great healing energy - A wonderful place to feel better.

Colleen F.

I feel comfortable and a sense of "knowing" from you dear sister. You are beautiful and dynamic, wonderful, knowledgeable, a LIGHT, funny, POWERFUL, Beautiful and I know very, very much loved. 
Peace, Love, Light, Joy, Abundant Life!  


[Red heart]  Love to you Jacqueline.  I find you approachable and very, very hug-able.  If I had anything I needed you to hear, I'd tell you right to your sweet face and tender heart. 

Love and Light, Leslie E.

I see the loving, peaceful, beautiful, joyous woman that your are.  I love you and you have always been very warm, loving, and helpful to me and my family always.  I love your happiness, laughter, and joy. 


Sister. I know the truth about you that you are a strong powerful woman with many gifts to offer and it is truly a honor to know you. Your Brother, Wytomi
Wytomi Hoskins
Totem Nation Productions

Very proud of you.

Big hug, C.

Dear Jacqueline,
You have been a great teacher for me. So often I just want to hide in my pain. I don’t want to bother anyone else or bring anyone else down. But, this does NOT mend the sacred hoop. Your example has taught me that it is wiser to ask for help. 

Thank you!


You are such an amazing woman. I am blessed to have you for a friend! Love you each and every day!


Hello Jacqueline,
You are a beautiful woman whom I admire tremendously.  Your nurturing spirit brings comfort to those in pain.  Thank you, Jacque for sharing your light with me and others.  This is truly a gift and a blessing for all of us when we are around you.  My beautiful sister I want you to know that I appreciate and love you very much. 

Linda V. 2013

Jacqueline, You are a beautiful light and healer! Thank you for your time and Reiki healing - your a lovely listening and understanding. 

Blessings and Appreciation, Marty Downey 2012

Dear Jacqueline,
Thank you so much for donating to the Idaho Dressage Festival Silent Auction! The auction was a great succes, and I am so grateful to you for helping make it so.  It was also wonderful to meet you! I hope the REHC keeps growing and bringing healing and light to more and more people! Thank you again - your gift is SO appreciated! 

Namaste Lindsey IDF 2012


I came to you in a moment of desperation for relief from emotional, spiritual and physical pains. Not only was my session amazing in helping to relieve all of that, but I gained you as an amazing and supportive friend in my life. And now I am hooked on the wonderful and healing energy that I experience any time that I am around you or in the REHC for a class or group. You have helped me to realize what is truly important to me on the path to my spiritual awakening. Thank you for all that you do!

Much love, Trinity