Vision Quest
Are you ready for a shift in your life?

Do you feel something is missing?

Are you ready to do the work required to have a full and abundant life?

There are so many books and stories about the Vision Quest from traditions all over the world. This powerful ceremony of transformation and healing. This timeless ceremony is still being offered by contemporary shaman today. With our world that is so detached from nature and magic, it is essential for our "Whole" being to reconnect to the natural world and solidify our organic nature. This may sound very esoteric, exciting and/or scary. What this means is we are multi dimensional being, we have 4 bodies that make up our whole. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our mental, emotional and/or spiritual bodies are often neglected in our day to day lives, as our physical may well be too. To reconnect all our bodies and claim our true nature will bring healing to our lives, allowing us to live a life of true purpose.

A Vision Quest, lead by a trained Shaman, can help you to restore your connection to all life and open you to the potential of your life. A Vision Quest is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. It is a time when you open yourself to significant change and healing. The process of preparing for quest is time, focus and energy consuming.
Our Vision Quest process begins months before we go out for our 4 days and 3 nights. Deep mindful meditation, cleansing, and fasting are required. A Vision Quest is something that you know in your heart is right for you and lead by your belly to complete whatever is necessary to succeed.

Our training/traditions consists of a mixture of teaching directly from my Guru and of my ancestral teachers, 10 years of training with the EarthHeart Institute and medicine clan, the Antelope Spirits. Using teachings that encompass memories that are woven in the earth from ancient peoples of this place, and then incorporating modern spiritual teachings from many spiritual paths.

ASAP - Initial Consultation to see if this is the right process for you, what your goals are and begin the prepare for the process, with at least 3 more private sessions to prepare.
May 21st 6:00 pm - group meeting with fellow Questors.
Saturday June 19th @ 6:00pm - Lodge on Sacred Mtn.
Quest begins on Tuesday morning, June 23rd and ends late afternoon, Friday, June, 26th. You will want at least one day prior to quest and at least one day after quest before returning to your normal life schedule.
Total cost of this process $650.

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