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Women's Healing/Teaching Lodges 
                                   with Chandra Kinney
Are held each 2nd Tuesday of the Month @ 7:00 p.m.

3600 Sweetwater Drive, Boise, 83716  
Each month women join together in the sacred hoop of sisterhood.

Which means, for this time, they come together in a space of

unconditional love. They give themselves and each other permission to

be exactly who they are...warts and all. All conditioning and dogma is

left at the door as we find our authentic selves. Release of the mind,

detox of the body and rejuvenation of the soul occur in the arms of

Grandmother Willow. For some the experience of the sweat lodge is a

once in a lifetime experience, for others their first journey into a world

of unlimited potential…. Yours… well come and see!

Chandra Kinney  Lodge Keeper, with teachings rooted in the Tao.

Each month’s focus is determined by the women

who come to participate. 

Things to know/bring
Water – begin to hydrate 3 days prior. Recommend 3 liters at day and some electrolytes

Clean and sober 3 days prior – this includes casual drinking/other. (If you have a substance abuse issues, please contact Chandra at least a week prior)

These lodges are for women only (14 yrs and up. Under 14 may attend Daughters of the moon lodges)

Lodge Clothes – change into Sarong, Towel, Swimsuit. Wear suitable clothing to stand around the fire in the season.

Towels – one to dry and if you want one to put on the lodge floor.

Potluck to share – casseroles, finger foods, veggies, fruit, juice, chocolate.

                                (if you have dietary needs, please bring something you like to eat)

Open Heart – ready to be, learn, share, grow!

Donation – suggested is $20 or a suitable gift of energy exchange such as $20 worth of wood (3 to 4 bundles).

The day of lodge, eat light. Not a lot of meat, fat, or carbs. Very light after lunch, the emptier the better.

Please follow your intuition if you need to maintain blood sugar or take meds. 

Problems with heat – though recommended to stay and merge with heat, no one is ever made to stay in the lodge if their desire is to leave. We do have you stay near the door and finish the process.

Confidentiality – who comes to the lodge and what happens at the lodge does not leave the space!

To RSVP or other questions, please contact Chandra @ 353.7178

MeeshaKeena will be offering advanced teaching lodges in 2016  . Please let her know your interest.  208.353.0604.

Co-ed Lodges Firewalks, and Men's teachings conducted by Wytomi 208.867.2380

Men's Sweat Lodges Held by Lance  208.871.5569 and RichHeart

Sacred Sweat Lodge
A long time ago when peoples walked in right relation with the earth, the sacred ceremony of the sweat lodge was created to honor the earth, revere our body, and commune with our people.  In that time the peoples exchanged energy as form of thanksgiving.  A Medicine Man or Woman would be cared for by the people so they had no worries of where their next meal would come or where they would live.  They were provided with a life they dedicated to healing their people.  

In our urban lives of this time our energy exchange is money.   Just as you, we have to use money to pay our bills and buy our food.  Some are still connected to the part of the story where the Medicine People offered the lodge without monetary compensation, they overlook the part where the healer was totally cared for.  Though we as healers will not turn away those who are challenged by the monetary system, we ask that the energy exchange be equal so we all may benefit from the laws of abundance and beauty.  The gift of money is what we have bestowed on our teachers to become initiated to bring these gifts to you.

The more you move your energy into the laws of abundance the sooner your life will be filled with beautiful blessings.  We can change not only our own view of money but heal the world view by embracing our responsibility. Also to think about the gifts you take away from the lodge are often priceless.

We ask for a small donation of $20.00 and a potluck item each lodge.

Our lodges follow the energy and teachings of the Tao. Sweat Lodge ceremony has been used globally as a form of healing and we hold our lodge ceremony in high regard for all traditions.  If you have a lodge tradition you follow, please talk to the lodge leader well in advance to see if it is appropriate for all lodge goers' highest good. Private healing lodges are available. 

Lodge etiquette: 

  • Be respectful of others experiences and beliefs
  • What happens at lodge stays at lodge
  • Open your heart
  • Trust the natural flow
  • Respect the silence - it is a great teacher
  • Enter the lodge on your knees of humility for all relations (A Ho Mitakuye Oyasin)
  • We travel clockwise in and counter clockwise out unless directed otherwise.

Feel free to talk to your lodge leader with questions you may have or clarification before or after lodge ceremony.

Sacred Sweat Lodge*
A very ancient ritual practiced in different forms by indigenous peoples in all areas of the world, the sacred or ceremonial sweat lodge is available today as an opportunity for release, reconnection, relaxation, and renewal of body, mind and spirit. 

Through singing and drumming around the fire, one connects with the energies and the elements of the natural world. With sacred smudge, one is blessed, cleansed and protected. Kneeling and entering the woven willow lodge, one bows and speaks a word of gratitude to earth mother and all the helpful energies of nature present in this sacred place. Sitting upon the earth, singing as each participant joins the circle, and as the rocks are brought in, time begins to stand still.

Blessed water over heated rocks creates a loving enclosure of steam and heat. Through three or four rounds, as sweat pours from the body, toxins, worries and fears are released and transformed. Gradually, the endless chatter of busy minds and over-extended brains slows down and dissipates. With the gift of silence one can begin to hear the quiet voice within, a voice which gently, lovingly speaks the Truths of Spirit – that we are all the beloved children of the Great Spirit Beingness and that love, joy, peace, light and abundant, enthusiastic life are freely available to each one of us. Soon the breath opens up and the heart is full of light. Now joy and love can break free, no longer boxed in by daily routines and the complexity and stress of modern life.

Emerging from the lodge after a round of thanksgiving, it is as if one is reborn. There is time to rest, to breathe with earth and sky and the feelings of health and vitality that now course through the body. Celebrating the abundance of all life, a potluck meal is shared. This completes the lodge experience as once more in a sacred circle, all join hands to bless both the food and those who contributed to bringing it to the table.

Community lodges may provide an opportunity to re-establish connection with your own guides and helpers; angels, animal totems, ancestors or masters. If interested specifically in a journey lodge, contact  MeeshaKeena, 208.353.0604, for availability and price of private or personal lodges.

Personal lodges offered:
Grieving Lodges - the loss of a loved one or relationship
Rites of Passage - Women's Bloodtime, Motherhood, Marriage, etc
Sisterhood - select a ceremony for you and

                   your friends to unite in purpose and focus.
Soul Retrieval
Animal Healer/Totem
Mother Earth

In a personal lodge a scared space is created for you and your focus. 

The intentions are always for your highest good.  
If interested in a personal lodge contact MeehsaKeena @ 208.353.0604 or mail to