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I also can't figure out why the pictures rotated sideways  without making them distorted  =(

This is one of our sky lights.  The new space offers SOOOO much natural light.  This is our open space for gatherings.

I'm still having technical difficulty with this photo editor....

This is the back of the center. The single door entry is to our spa room.  The door is actually 8 foot tall.

The french doors lead to the kitchen/apothecary creation center

Our Retro looking fridge that will match our very retro stove.

The door on the left leads to the yoga room!!!  

Spa Day is coming soon!

This is one of the healing rooms.  Beautiful natural light and beautiful light fixtures.  Again I don't know why it's sideways =(

The Sauna is here..... getting closer

Our new space is slowly coming along.  It will certainly be worth the wait!

Ashamenta Healing Arts

Enhancing the lives of those wetouch!

THIS!!! This room is the beginnings of our water/spa room.  Beautiful high ceilings with natural light and so much nature to look at.  The door that will lead to the gardens is 8 foot tall.  Our sauna has arrived and the plumbing is in for our showers. We are so excited to offer you a total Spa Day with the addition of body scrubs and body wraps.

Tile is next.