The Reiki Energy Healing Center
Complimentary and Alternative Healing Arts
7235 Potomac Drive, Boise, Idaho 83704

Hours are by Appointment 

We appreciate cash or checks.  We can accept PayPal


August 2nd, 10pm - 6pm : Reiki I

August 7th, 5:30pm - 9pm: Chakra Art Workshop
Either continue with your Chakra journey from the previous class, or begin it here.  Explore the energy of your chakras through meditation and express it through art. Canvas and paints supplied. Snacks welcome. $39

August 9th @ 3:00 pm  - House Warming Party
 Join me in celebrating my new home in the mountains.
RSVP for directions:  208.353.0604

Kids Scared Drum Class
August 10th 2 - 6pm, Part 1: Creation
August 14th 6 - 8pm, Part 2: Painting

We begin with an outing to the mountains, fresh clean air to breathe.  Experience walking the labyrinth -quieting the mind and opening possibilities.  Then on to creating a sacred drum.  All supplies are included to create a 10 inch deer hide drum.  The drums will be kept to dry and Thursday, Aug 14th we will meet to paint them.  Parents are encouraged to participate with their children and could make a drum of their own if they wish.  The outing and  drum creation will be held at Sacred Mountain, 2 - 6pm.  Cost: $50 per 10 inch drum.  Adults may order a larger drum at an additional cost. 

Directions: Hwy 21 head toward Idaho City.  Just past Mile Marker 31- right hand side Thorn Creek dirt road.  Follow the Mile Markers through 4, continue straight on to the private road. About a mile or so in you will see a small house in construction on the right, you are getting closer, keep following the road and you will enter the subdivision.  You will see a green storage shed on your right followed by a red house then the labyrinth.  There is parking just after that.  Please park nose first.

Bring water and snacks.  Potluck at my house after if you wish to stay.

Painting on August 14th held at the Reiki Energy Healing Center, 6 - 8pm. – 7235 Potomac Dr. 

NEW Reiki Master Series begins on the first Sunday of the month 2 - 6:30pm

Karuna Reiki Training begins the first Saturday of the month

Sacred Drum Creation Workshop for adults (Date to be announced)

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Reduce Stress !                  Boost Energy !          Feel better !

                                                      with    Reiki
                                                                    and Complimentary Healing Arts

The Reiki Energy Healing Center is
Offering healing and training in 
                                          Complimentary and Alternative Healing Arts    

"Enriching the lives of those we touch"

Idaho's leader in Reiki Serving clients and students for over 10 years

Healing Arts are modalities such as Reiki that bring about a balance of well-being.  Our practitioners use the modalities in a synergy for each client to reach their optimal balance of body, mind and spirit. 

The Reiki Energy Healing Center (Reiki EHC), located in Boise, Idaho is more than classes and treatments; we are dedicated to creating an improved quality of life for those we touch. We are comprised of highly trained, experienced and professional energy healers that unite their talents with Compassionate Action. At Reiki EHC we care for our clients, students, families, community and our world. A better life for one can affect a better life for all.

The Reiki Energy Healing Center offers complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to bring about total mind/body wellness. The Reiki EHC offers traditional hands - on Usui Reiki techniques and other innovated Reiki treatments including Crystal Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Shamanic Reiki.

The Reiki Energy Healing Center also offers modalities such as our own Prana Rain, Massage, Psychic Medium, Reflexology, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Healing, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Angel Healing, Guided Imagery, Meditation, Sweat Lodges, Life Readings, Angel Connection, Pet Healing and more.
The Reiki EHC provides quality training in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Shamanic training, and more.  The Reiki EHC is the leader in professional Reiki training and treatment. Sharing Reiki is our passion and our profession.  Dedicated to healing, we are here to support you on your healing and learning process. We teach Reiki at Boise State University as a credited course along with other accredited institutions.

Founder of the Reiki EHC,  Grand Master, MeehaKeena formerly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Antelope Medicine Shaman has dedicated her life to the healing path.  She offers training in Traditional Usui ReikiKaruna Reiki and Shamanic Reiki healing. She also teaches Women's Enrichment Classes and Retreats. As a fully initiated shaman in the Antelope Clan, she offers monthly women's sweat lodges, vision quests and a year-long soul journey process, Soul Fire, a Call to a Woman's Heart. See the calendar below for the classes offered.  Private sessions are available by appointment.

Coming soon - Chakra healing through art, movement and meditation!

Shamanic healing is a timeless tradition of healing the body, mind and spirit. 

Here is a great link about the ancient history of Woman as Shaman

Woman Shaman
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